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By Tim Wilhelmus // January 14, 2013

One of the best things about the Xperia tablet is it’s versatility. Not only do you have a content consumption device with apps to interact with, digital reader functionality, and Internet accessibility, you also have a content creation device that can act as a still camera, a video camera, a sound recorder, and a productivity suite.

The challenge in a one tablet classroom is finding ways in which students can regularly get their hands on the device and create with it. One of my favorite ways to do this is to assign a class historian each day to capture the learning that is happening in the classroom.

The Idea

Each day give a new student the job of collecting evidence of what the class is learning and how they are doing the learning. Students should feel free to collect videos, photos, audio samples as well as digital examples of student work. As a collection tool alone, the Xperia will provide students with lots of options. Beyond that, the Xperia has many creation tools for designing a daily record of learning and sharing that record.

Some Possibilities

Once the student has collected his or her resources throughout the day, the student should be given the time to place those resources into a narrative that represents the day. There are lots of ways to do this. A few of my favorites include the following:

Keep a class blog to which each student can post. Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and Posterous all have blogging apps for Android. You could also download the resources from the Xperia to a flash drive via Xperia’s Multi Port, allowing the student to work at a computer for posting to the blog.

Have students create a daily video mash-up by using the Magisto Magical Video Editor app. Students simply shoot up to 16 short video clips that represent that day’s work, upload them to Magisto via the app, select a soundtrack (if desired), and in a few short minutes, you will have an edited video mashup that can be linked to or embedded in a website.

Have students create short video “news updates” that are directed at parents and can be posted to a class blog or website to inform parents what class was about that day. Start with Movie Studio which comes pre-installed on your Xperia tablet.

For younger kids, you can simply record a student talking about the day. Use an audio recorder like Easy Voice Recorder Pro or Tape A Talk Voice Recorder to create a shareable audio file, or use the Xperia’s video camera to capture the interview. You can edit the video using Android Movie Studio.

Regardless of the file types you create, one great place to keep them is in the Xperia’s Scrapbook app which comes pre-installed. Student historians can create a new page in a scrapbook each day. That page can be shared in lots of ways, or it can simply be kept as a record for the day inside of that class’ scrapbook.

If a daily report is too much to take on, consider using the ideas above to create a weekly update created by the whole class, or just by a small team of students each week.

Another possibility would be to use the ideas above to create a record of special events such as field trips, science labs, class celebrations, etc. In those cases, perhaps a small group of students could be responsible for the documentation.

Finally, at the end of the semester or year, you could invite students to vote for their favorite moments in your documentation, and you could mash-up a summary video complete with inspirational music, videos of each student sharing their favorite moment, and photos from throughout the year.

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